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B'bye experiential design?

Collision conference Toronto

After spending two full days at the Collision conference, I was glad to bump into alumni and current students, it was both satisfying and rewarding. On the tech experiential side of the conference, The mixed reality system, Magic Leap, stole the demo show, with line ups lasting all day long. Now is the time to reflect on what I saw and heard, and it is clear that the industry of Tech + Interactive Media have shifted towards the sirens of big data and artificial intelligent and away from experiential (and tangible) design. This is not the platform to develop this topic in details but here are a couple of examples that should demonstrate that DATA is the new GOLD or the new OIL rather. I'm afraid this is going to feed the tech industry for the sake of tech (meaning money), the big loser is going to be us, humans, and the beautiful experiences that unite us. Example 1: Insurance companies and car manufacture tight partnerships. Imagine, a super smart car which talks to your insurance in real time about your driving habits (the good and the bad ones) and patterns. Like having a permanent cop in your car reporting in real time to your insurance, so your rates reflect your driving patterns. Volvo is about to make an announcement about their next partnership. Example 2: The Canadian super couple Schwartz and Reisman announced recently that they will invest in a unique cluster at the University of Toronto to explore the implication of Artificial intelligence in the Medical research under the watch of humanities and social studies. It sounds great, but every time I hear that tech and social studies unite to work together, somehow tech always ends up winning on behalf of business priorities. Anyhow, in conclusion my fight for designing meaningful experiences between technology and humans is not over, quite the contrary, it has become more relevant than ever.

See you all on the battle field. ;)

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