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2014 CFL Grey Cup Awards
2015 Toronto Region Board of Trade motion graphics
Motion graphics National Magazine Awards

I left my homeland in the southwest of France and landed in Toronto the year the Skydome went up in 1989. After a short stunt in advertising I quickly caught the Multimedia bug. Many moons later I look back and understand that each project had its own course while sharing key fundamentals.

In 2014 the CFL AWARDS needed to involve the fans to be more than ever loyal to the league during the CFL Grey Cup week?

Months prior to the big day, Xavier (at the time Senior Strategy and Creative Director at RELAY) mapped out the live experience, then designed and produced the exclusive Fan experience which included live event performances, red carpet, social and conventional media coverage.

Fans and players enjoyed an exquisite and elegantly designed evening which was well broadcasted on social media outlets as well as on TSN.




The national foundation has a long, proud heritage celebrating the magazine publishing industry excellence with a High-profile event, widely covered by media, which showcases approximately 400 nominees.


We kept the audience’s experience upbeat with second-by-second stage management insuring the complex event to be on schedule and sparked attention with animated nominated entries with motion graphics and real-time social media for winners as they won.


In 2015, the Board of trade of one the largest cities in North America needed to connect both local and global agenda issues during its annual gala . Normally these type of experience is locked into an over sized and drab spaces.


We produced a broadcast-quality animated opening touching on agenda points, bringing the experience off the screen and into the audience with large set pieces of city buildings alight with 3D projection mapping motion graphics. The immersive experience engaged the attendees despite the large size of the room while carrying the theme of the evening in a dazzling way.


Cisco, EDF, KPMG, EY, Dynamic Funds, National Magazines Foundation, Toronto REgion Board of Trade, Royal Bank of Canada, Mars, Wrigley, Toronto Life, Infiniti, Renault, Reuters, Disney, Apple, Toshiba, Molson, Cadbury, Heinz, Gilbey’s Canada...


As a Visual Designers I have always kept a deep passion for typography and visual identity as a visual language. Here are some of the latest branding systems I have developed.

Based in Gananoque, ANDRECON Construction & Renovation is among the top rated construction company in the 10,000 islands region.

Relay was an Experiential marketing agency which operated from 2013 to 2016.

Michelle and Herbert will host a memorable meal just for you at Barnsteiner's.

I would happily tell you the stories behind each of these brands and their visual identities.

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