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Episode 2 - FENETRES - All about sewing.

Hello and welcome to another episode of ……. Fenetres

Today, like everyday during the pandemic, I’m at home and right now in my backyard which is also shared with mother in law Joan MCordic who lives in the main level apartment of our duplex in Toronto. I’d like to pay her a visit to talk about the process of sewing. So, let’s go. Credits and references:

Music / musique: Pierre Massé, Voices / voix: Alice and Juliette Favard

Photos and Art from Xavier Massé’s personal library and family albums

Sewing Fisherman´s Wife by Anna Ancher, 1890.

Seated woman sewing a kimono, Utagawa K uniyoshi, early 19th century. Different cultures have developed diverse sewing techniques, from methods of cutting fabric to types of stitches.

Photos of sewing machines, curtesy of Danforth store.

Academy for Lifelong Learning

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